Bitcoin Mortgage

Become a whole Bitcoin holder today!

We purchase 1 BTC on your behalf. It is locked in multi-sig custody. When you fully pay your mortgage, we transfer it to you.

1 BTC = $30,000.00
Your Estimated Monthly Amortization$ 0
Downpayment$ 0
Loan Amount$ 0
Admin Fees$ 0

Affordable Monthly Payments. Repay in 1 to 20 years

Depending on your financial situation, you can pay off the mortgage faster or slower. Either way, you will be putting money into a valuable asset.

Bitcoin Mortage

Hodl more Bitcoin

BTC generally appreciates in value over time, which lets you build wealth. With a whole BTC, you will multiply the gains compared to just buying a fraction of a coin.

Bitcoin Mortage

Bitcoin-backed loans, but we can’t gamble your money away

Our mission is to accelerate adoption of Bitcoin, as the most pristine collateral in the global south.

Other products that we offer

Multi-sig Loans

Don’t sell your Bitcoin. Borrow against it. But this time, nobody can gamble your coins away.

  • Trust-minimized design. You can verify your collateral is just sitting there. Our multi-signature vaults elimate the single point of failure. We cannot rehypothecate it.

  • Low Rates and No Prepayment Penalty. Enjoy the best rates in the market. And if you close your loan early, there are no penalties.

  • Instant to Same-day Funding. Loans are funded almost instantly. In case there is a manual review needed, you never have to wait more than 24 hours.

  • How it works. Send Bitcoin as collateral to a 3-signature custody wallet. Get 40%-97% Loan-to-value of your collateral in USDC, USDT, stablesats or BTC.

Multi-sig Loans

Trustless Lightning Loans

Borrow with no counterparty risk. These are the cheapest, safest and fastest loans on Earth powered by Bitcoin Lightning.

  • Non-custodial. No counterparty risk. Nobody can access your collateral.

  • Verifiable on-chain. You can monitor your coins held as collateral in your lightning wallet.

  • Powered by Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs). This is an open source standard for bitcoin-native smart contracts. DLCs share a similar security model on-chain as a 2-of-2 multisig, or a Lightning channel.

  • How it works. Collateral is locked without leaving your wallet. You get 50-97% loan-to-value of your collateral in stablesats or Lightning BTC.

Trustless Lightning Loans
Why Choose Pristine?


Our interest rates are low because we partner with tier-1 lending institutions, resulting in a low cost of capital.



Our platform is designed so that nobody can touch your collateral, even us. You can monitor your Bitcoins on-chain, anytime.



Loans are funded instantly or within the same day.

Others gambled your collateral away…

Rehypothecation and crypto banking belong to the old world. They have seized your coins over and over again.
Why do we settle for this when Bitcoin already fixed this?

Bitcoin Multisig (BIP-11)

First BIP-11 type transactions appeared on-chain.

Celsius halt withdrawals.

Voyager files for bankruptcy.

BlockFi files for bankruptcy.

Genesis halt withdrawals.

Time to rebuild this industry from the ground up.

We believe that Bitcoiners want a honest-to-goodness lending product.
Bitcoiners will still need to live off their coins without selling.

We’re building Bitcoin-backed loans with a singular business model: loans without.
We only make money if borrowers repay.

So collateral is not rehypothecated and gambled away. You can even monitor on-chain.

We've lent $289k already.
Another $1.5M lending capital is available today.

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